Research Profile: Complex systems - micro data analysis.

New development project: BI model for Hästnäringen:

This project is about developing a model and tools for measuring and describing the regional and socioeconomic effects of the horse industry. The needs and issues underlying the project are, for example: How much do companies trade in different parts of the horse industry and where are they located? Are there regional differences in the effects of the horse industry? How are these different for different industries? How many jobs do the business create in different parts of the country? The tools

created allow the results from the model to be presented and illustrated in a simple way. Different players in the horse industry regionally and nationally will be able to produce their own analyzes depending on the current question. The model and the completed BI tool (BI = Business Intelligence) together provide clearer presentation and description of the horse industry's effects in Sweden. Together, they contribute to better decision making for horse industry players when the horse's economic and social impact needs to be illustrated.
The project is being carried out in collaboration with Hästnäringen National Foundation, LRF Häst, Swedish Travsport, ATG, the Swedish Agriculture Agency, Västra Götaland Region and the Swedish Fair.


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