Simple puzzle application that contain 4 types of puzzle and 3 types of search techniques, they are:

  • 3 puzzle.
  • 8 puzzle.
  • 15 puzzle.
  • 24 puzzle.

The puzzle can be solved either manually using the navigation panel, or automatically by the application using one of the following graph search techniques:

  1. Depth first search (DFS).
  2. Breadth first search (BFS).
  3. Best-first search.

 After the application process the selected graph search technique, and in both cases, find the goal or did not manage to find the goal, the application will present the following information:

  • Search type.
  • Search results either found or not.
  • Start time.
  • End time.
  • Total time in milliseconds.
  • Depth that the search was terminated.
  • Total parent nodes.
  • Total nodes.
  • Total steps.

 Also, the application will hold in memory all the nodes that was generated during the search process and these nodes will be categorized by parents and depth. This information will be held in memory as list of objects. this list will be save to text file after the search is completed.

Development tools

Visual studio 2015

Development language


Data storage type

Local memory + text file

Application type

Desktop top application



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